Saturday, April 26, 2008

Airlines and "green" corporations

The fruitcakes will miss the airlines when they're gone and no longer able to shuttle them around to their fruitcake climate speaking engagements (oh, that's right...Al Gore uses a private jet--silly me).

Fear not Airbus, all honest, capitalistic entities are under fire right now, because the fuel of capitalism is oil—plain and simple. Even Al Gore could understand that…uh, never mind. At any rate, all Airbus needs to do is just pretend to care, as other savvy corporations have done.

Many business board rooms have demonstrated smarts and recognize a government-backed, lunatic-supported boondoggle when they see it; they’ve constructed elaborate “green” campaigns to convince everyone—government and consumers—that they’re doing something to save the planet from global warming, which is nonsense. It’s very similar to the campaign by cigarette companies to convince consumers not to smoke; how ridiculous is that?

If one believes that fossil fuel use is warming the Earth (and IT IS NOT) then one must also believe that capitalism can’t exist in its current form, because no fuel or energy is efficient enough to drive the current world economy at the pace needed to continue growth and stave off recessions or depressions.

These “green corporations” are just riding the profiteering wave like everyone else; as I said—manmade climate change equals BOONDOGGLE, and liberals and conservatives are signing on to the BS network. You can play along and rake in some bucks, or you can resist the stupidity like me and be dragged before the new McCarthy hearings—this time for a love of capitalism, not communism.

Airbus boss says aviation unfairly targeted over climate change:

The aviation industry is being unfairly targeted over climate change and future reductions in aircraft emissions should be based on technological innovation rather than regulation, Airbus chief Tom Enders said Wednesday.

"We think it's a little bit unfair that the aviation sector is singled out for attack by many environmental groups, maybe because we are more visible than other groups," Enders told a media briefing in Auckland.

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