Tuesday, June 24, 2008

RIP: George Carlin

You will be missed, George. Thanks for telling like it is when it comes to global warming and other environmentalist stupidity! You are a true DENIER, FLAT-EARTHER, and CLIMATE REALIST. I hereby declare George Carlin to be an honorary GLOBAL SHAM-OLOGIST!

BTW, these are the folks about whom George is talking.

(WARNING: Some adult language will be heard in the following video clip!)

George Carlin: Saving the planet is BS!


mike1977 said...

Note that George doesn't say a word about global warming and climate change.

G.W. Denier said...

Note that climate change alarmists want CHANGE NOW (taxes now) to SAVE THE PLANET. I think you're smart enough to see that the political morass of manmade climate change is JUST what Carlin was getting at when he was discussing all of the idiots who want to SAVE THE PLANET. None of us can neither destroy nor save the planet. It doesn't need saving because it's not in jeopardy.