Saturday, June 7, 2008

Does Krauthammer read Global Shamming?

KrauthammerKrauthammer must be reading this blog, because I've been saying these same things since my first post of January 5th. As a matter of fact, you can see all my posts on the subject of class systems and AGW by simply searching my blog with the words "capitalism" or "socialism." My post on the U.K. carbon ration cards can be read here, and just like Krauthammer...I draw the same conclusions about the battle of the classes.

I often find myself agreeing with Krauthammer, but I agree with Milloy of here in one sense; the term "denier" shouldn't be used seriously about oneself by someone--even in the negative sense--who questions the motives of climate alarmists. I mockingly call myself a denier all the time, just to stick it in the face of the stupid Kook-Aid drinkers. - Junk Science: Time to Retire 'Denier' - Opinion:

In Charles Krauthammer's May 30 must-read column, "Carbon Chastity," he rightly lambastes environmentalists as resurrected communists/socialists who have latched on to the environment and climate change as a means to advance their anti-people social agenda.

The specific occasion for his justifiable outrage is a recent proposal by a British parliamentary committee to institute a personal carbon ration card for every citizen.

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