Sunday, June 29, 2008

Global warming stupidity backfiring

...or maybe it isn't, if one's goal is to cause and sustain an economic recession. After all, Bill Clinton said the economy needed to be slowed to fight global warming . So, here we go! We're already seeing the results of what will happen to capitalism as this stupid cult movement becomes entrenched in the psyches of sheep worldwide, and those sheep hand over power to the "government" to save them from doom. When we let the liberals run our lives for us and "save us from doom," we're frickin' doomed. Get ready to enjoy a proletarian lifestyle!

Tax means fewer travellers at main Dutch airport: report:

Some 50,000 fewer passengers are expected to use Amsterdam Schiphol airport, one of Europe's busiest, this summer on account of a Dutch environmental tax on flights, it was reported Saturday.

"We're expected zero growth in 2008, and in fact a decrease (in passenger numbers) in July and August," an airport spokesman was quoted as saying by the domestic ANP news agency.

The Netherlands is the only country that levies an environmental tax on flights departing the country -- 11.25 euros per passenger (17.75 dollars) for European destinations and 45 euros for intercontential points.

With higher fuel prices pushing up air fares worldwide, travel industry experts say the tax will hurt business at Schiphol and see many Dutch travellers go to nearby German airports instead.

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