Friday, June 6, 2008

Buy carbon offset chocolate - Al Gore needs the money

I'm absolutely floored by this article. I am really speechless. Read all about Al Gore's carbon credit business here. Go out and buy yourself some carbon offset chocolate to go with your stupid global warming light bulbs. While you're at it, put out your bonfire and eat some the world, you capitalist loser!

Carbon offset chocolate is candy with a conscience:

New Zealand's Bloomsberry chocolates had been selling trendy, tongue-in-cheek chocolate bars in the United States for less than two years when they were approached by Whole Foods to develop Climate Change Chocolate.

Wind turbines and a huge footprint cover the chocolate bar's boxes and the wrapper is speckled with tips on how to be more green like "let the sun shine in. Opening curtains and blinds to capture the warmth of the sun saves on heating and your cat will love you for it!"

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