Thursday, June 19, 2008

AGW or drill for oil? Drill DAMN IT!

Img 2617I guess there’s one positive to higher gas’s exposing how most Americans really feel about the manmade global warming/climate change cult.

Given the choice between “saving the planet” or reducing their own personal financial burdens, most sensible Americans see through the “Gullible Warming” sham and are thinking about their family’s tenuous financial place in the world.

Yes, you're seeing this article in the LA Times. That should say a lot right there!

Offshore oil drilling opponents are rethinking | LA Times:

WASHINGTON -- The environmental movement, only recently poised for major advances on global warming and other issues, has suddenly found itself on the defensive as high gasoline prices shift the political climate nationwide and trigger defections by longtime supporters.

Opposition to offshore drilling -- once ironclad in places like California and Florida -- has begun to soften. Gov. Charlie Crist of Florida on Tuesday eased his opposition to new energy exploration off the coast.

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