Friday, May 14, 2010

"Goron" Receives Fake Degree from UT

Seems that liberal stupidity knows no bounds, even in the Deep South. The academics at the University of Tennessee have decided to tarnish their image and the image of the university by giving an "honorary degree" to a moron...or Goron. He's a like a new subatomic particle; Gorons are made up of morons, or something like that, and they attract idiotrons while repelling intelligent particles.

Even after "global warming" has been shown to be a complete farce through scandal upon scandal, really goofy people continue to lay down at this monkey's feet, as if he's some kind of smart person and an environmental oracle. Are you people really so dumb that you'd give this idiot your highest honors? Apparently so.

Former Vice President Al Gore received an honorary degree from the University of Tennessee during the College of Arts and Sciences graduation ceremony Friday morning.

Gore told students in a 20-minute speech that addressing climate change is the "biggest item of unfinished business" on the American agenda.

[From | Knoxville, TN | Update: Gore tells graduates climate change is "unfinished business"]