Monday, March 16, 2009

UW-M Scientists: Climate Variability is Natural

Unfortunately, these poor scientists and really smart people (yes, smarter than Al Gore) will be ignored or eviscerated by the national mainstream media; their theory, however correct, clever, or revolutionary, will not matter to the alarmist believers and scientists out there who need to continue the Green Fad for as long as possible. They don’t want their little cash cow to be milked dry, and they don’t want their reputations thrown under the bus (though they already are under the bus—they just haven’t realized it yet).

There is natural climate variation; there is no manmade climate change, no matter how hard they try to poof it into existence.

UW-Milwaukee Study Could Realign Climate Change Theory

MILWAUKEE -- The bitter cold and record snowfalls from two wicked winters are causing people to ask if the global climate is truly changing.

The climate is known to be variable and, in recent years, more scientific thought and research has been focused on the global temperature and how humanity might be influencing it.

However, a new study by the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee could turn the climate change world upside down.

Scientists at the university used a math application known as synchronized chaos and applied it to climate data taken over the past 100 years.


"But if we don't understand what is natural, I don't think we can say much about what the humans are doing. So our interest is to understand -- first the natural variability of climate -- and then take it from there. So we were very excited when we realized a lot of changes in the past century from warmer to cooler and then back to warmer were all natural," Tsonis said.

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