Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Economy Be Damned: Report Your AGW Gases! (EPA)

The glorious EPA, emboldened by its new POTUS climate champion, is ready to invoke Stalin-esque tactics in dealing with you capitalist companies out there, who are doing your best to prop up and save this pathetic economy from the doom with which the new POTUS wants to orchestrate from behind his climate-cooking TelePrompters (he can pass all his expensive government programs that way—per Rahm Emmanuel’s ‘No Wasted Crisis’ philosophy).

Remember…key Democratic leaders and other liberal elites have claimed several times that we needed to cool down the world economy to fight global warming; now they got what they wanted, and no media person anywhere has questioned them about those statements.

EPA May Require Factories to Report Warming Emissions

March 10 (Bloomberg) -- Chemical, steel, automobile and other energy-intensive factories would have to submit annual reports to the federal government on their greenhouse gas emissions under a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency proposal that lays a foundation for fighting global warming.

About 13,000 facilities that account for as much as 90 percent of greenhouse gas emissions would have to comply, the EPA said in a statement today. The first reports would be submitted in 2011 and cover emissions in 2010, according to the proposal. Car and engine makers would begin their reports for 2011 models.

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