Sunday, March 22, 2009

GASP!: Melting, Collapsing Ice, I Say!!!

The oft-appearing melting-collapsing ice fear tactic. According to the alarmist researchers (who were recently stranded from all the cold at the North Pole), this prediction will come to pass in 100 or more years, far after your death, as a result of what you’re doing right now: being a capitalist. You won’t be around to say whether they were right or not, and neither will they.

Remember, even partially submerged ice displaces water (Archimedes’ Principle); don’t believe all the fear you read. Since we’re all making predictions, let me say that I believe that it’s LIKELY that the ice sheet WON’T collapse in your lifetime or even in hundreds of generations from now, because pontificators of future doom have been notoriously wrong in human history.

The climate varies naturally over time—it’s more like a waveform than a flat-line.

Still need to be afraid? Read the GASP! series and the warmlist to let the media whip you into a fear frenzy.

Antarctic Ice Sheet Likely to Collapse, New Data Show

WASHINGTON — New information on Antarctica's regularly melting distant past is giving scientists a glimpse into what may be a flooded future as the planet warms up.

The West Antarctic ice sheet collapsed periodically between 3 million and 5 million years ago, adding more than 16 feet to global sea level, according to the first examination of soil cores far below the surface of the Ross ice shelf.

Also, new computer models suggest that warmer waters nearby attacked the ice from below, triggering those collapses.

Both findings appear in studies published Thursday in the journal Nature.

"What we're seeing in the past would lead us to believe that we are on track for losing parts of the West Antarctic ice sheet," said Tim Naish, director of the Antarctic Research Centre at Victoria University in New Zealand and leader of the study that looked at dirt cores.


Anonymous said...

So we're not supposed to worry about what our actions are doing to future generations? That seems pretty selfish...then again, this is America.

G.W. Denier said...

Well Anonymous, go ahead and WORRY all you want. That's what the media wants you to do; that's what certain political elements want you to do. If you worry about what YOU'RE DOING to FUTURE GENERATIONS then they have power over you RIGHT NOW--IN THE PRESENT--WHERE IT MATTERS MOST.

Think back to Y2K. Where is that now? The world didn't end, though there was no shortage of frightened people who hoarded toilet paper and canned food BECAUSE OF THE MEDIA.

What about the prophesied deadly hurricane seasons that were doomed to follow us after Katrina, which Gore said was due to warming? Seasons since then have been 'cricket-cricket' more or less.

Where is any proof that your personal existence is worse now than it was 20 years ago due to global warming? I bet you can't come up with one anecdote in your own life. Anything deemed horrid will be something the MEDIA TOLD YOU is happening--polar bears, melting ice, bad tornados, etc.

I only want people to use a little common sense. Recognize that there are evil people who will exploit everything--science, religion, climate, etc. They'll exploit whatever they need to for additional power and wealth, and there's no better way to do that than through fear.

That's what's going on with global warming right now. Nothing but a simple power and money grab, in line with the true nature of man.

What the fear mongers of the global warming and green movements are doing is SELFISH! They're exploiting the fears of the less-informed.