Thursday, March 12, 2009

GASP!: Senator Kerry: Delaying Action is ‘Suicide'

Lurch decides to speak again on a subject about which he knows nothing; and how retarded he was when he blamed global warming for a tornado outbreak. Just remember why these nimrod politicians (who are no more a scientist than most of you out there) need to ram action home on global warming; this has been covered extensively before: follow the dollars to find the rat.

If you need more global warming fear to satisfy your apocalyptic cravings, read the GASP! Series and the Dr. Brignell’s warmlist.

Kerry: Climate change delay is 'suicide pact'

A leading US senator warned on Wednesday that deferring potentially costly actions to combat climate change because of the global economic slump amounted to "a mutual suicide pact."

"Climate change is not governed by a recession, it's governed by scientific facts about what's happening to Earth. And you either accept the realities of the science or you don't," said Democratic Senator John Kerry.

He spoke after some of his colleagues argued that the United States should not impose a cap-and-trade system for so-called greenhouse gases blamed for global warming because it amounts to a painful tax during a deep downturn.

"You don't enter a mutual suicide pact because the economy is having a hard time right now," Kerry said after meeting with UN Secretary Ban Ki-moon seven months before global climate change talks in Denmark's capital.

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