Tuesday, March 31, 2009

'Disappearing' Ice Actually Getting Thicker

More ice melting dumbness. Most of the mainstream media (except London’s Telegraph) will not report on this story. I should say that they may report on it in a sense to still highlight “global warming” as a reality, but they’ll omit the part about the US Army buoys and the antithetical data that shows there’s no real problem with thinning ice. Doesn’t fit the Green template.

Why? We’ve been over that so many times. Global warming—like the U.S. automakers or the banks—is TOO BIG to fail.

The 'Global Warming Three' are on thin ice

The only problem with a project to prove that Arctic ice is disappearing is the fact that it is actually getting thicker, says Christopher Booker.

What a wonderful parable of our time has been the expedition to the North Pole led by the explorer Pen Hadow. With two companions, he is measuring the thickness of the ice to show how fast it is “declining”. His expedition is one of a series of events designed to “raise awareness of the dangers of climate change” before December’s conference in Copenhagen, where the warmists hope to get a new treaty imposing much more drastic cuts on CO2 emissions.


The idea is that the expedition should take regular radar fixes on the ice thickness, to be fed into a computer model in California run by Professor Wieslaw Maslowski, whose team, according to the BBC, “is well known for producing results that show much faster ice-loss than other modelling teams”. The professor predicts that summer ice could be completely gone as early as next year. It took the Watts Up With That? science blog to point out that there is little point in measuring ice thickness unless you do it several years running, and that, anyway, Arctic ice is being constantly monitored by US Army buoys. The latest reading given by a typical sensor shows that since last March the ice has thickened by “at least half a metre”.

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