Sunday, December 7, 2008

Alarmists admit ‘cool year’ but coach you on conclusions to draw

Forget that 2008 will be the ‘coolest’ year of this decade, according to ‘experts.’ 2007 was also quite cold (as you can review by looking over some of our past posts on the empirical evidence of weather phenomenon), and alarmist scientists were coaching us then to disregard the record cold for several reasons.

Remember the prediction about 2008 too! 2008 was going to be among 'the hottest on record' compared against the 'long term average' (a period which laughably amounts to only 30 years out of the Earth's estimated 4.5 billion year age).

They stated, among other things, that the sudden cooling was just a brief anomaly, it was being caused by warming (LOL!), and they have used climate revisionism (La Nina) to explain away the sudden antithetical appearance of cold weather (that is ‘masking’ warming – LOL!). These record cold spells and record winter storms (see China’s misery last winter), in essence, disrupt their entire fearmongering theory (upon which they’ve hung their collective professional reputations).

The question is, why are alarmists ALARMED over these recent cooling trends and our attitudes about it? Because they realize the obvious conundrum that even the stupidest among us can discern—CO2 has continued going up while temperatures have continued to drop (and dropped since 1998, if you believe their baseline). Lately, temperatures have dropped DRAMATICALLY, and CO2 has certainly NOT!

Remember why they NEED this pseudo-religion to be REAL! Scientific reputations are on the line. Federal climate research grants are on the line. Political power is on the line. The ‘Greed Fad’ and associated climate industries are all on the line, and there’s an increasingly skeptical public (at least in the U.S. and U.K.), who are bound and gagged by political correctness from declaring, “I DON’T BELIEVE IN THIS RETARDED STUPIDITY!” The world, however, faces a global economic crisis, and with falling temperatures, the little manmade climate change fart cloud is rapidly dissipating; people don’t want you telling them to buy the expensive ‘green’ light bulbs when they’ve just been laid off. The alarmists' NEED grows daily, or more of their ilk are going to suffer (like the climate team at the Weather Channel).

Forget the junk science in this article. Let’s go over some facts they’ve omitted. Global mean temperatures have only DECLINED since 1998, which Dr. Hansen, alarmo-scientist extraordinaire, declared (and later retracted) as the ‘hottest year ever.’ We’ve also seen his most recent mistake (where he declared October 2008 the hottest ever); he later had to retract this silly assertion when some of my intelligent, skeptical brethren and sistren bloggers pointed out the stupid errors in his skewed data (he used September temperatures instead of October temperatures).

2008 will be coolest year of the decade:

Global average for 2008 should come in close to 14.3C, but cooler temperature is not evidence that global warming is slowing, say climate scientists


The relatively chilly temperatures compared with recent years are not evidence that global warming is slowing however, say climate scientists at the Met Office. "Absolutely not," said Dr Peter Stott, the manager of understanding and attributing climate change at the Met Office's Hadley Centre. "If we are going to understand climate change we need to look at long-term trends."

Prof Myles Allen at Oxford University who runs the website, said he feared climate sceptics would overinterpret the figure. "You can bet your life there will be a lot of fuss about what a cold year it is. Actually no, its not been that cold a year, but the human memory is not very long, we are used to warm years," he said, "Even in the 80s [this year] would have felt like a warm year."


The Met Office predicted at the beginning of the year that 2008 would be cooler than recent years because of a La Niña event - characterised by unusually cold ocean temperatures in the equatorial Pacific Ocean. It is the mirror image of the El Niño climate cycle. The Met Office had forecast an annual global average of 14.37C.


In March, a team of climate scientists at Kiel University predicted that natural variation would mask the 0.3C warming predicted by the Intergovernment Panel on Climate Change over the next decade. They said that global temperatures would remain constant until 2015 but would then begin to accelerate.

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