Sunday, December 14, 2008

Klaus slams EU deal while NH suffers with ice

President Klaus tells the truth once again, and the media attempts to portray him as off-balance for daring to question something so politically correct as global warming. Meanwhile, cold weather in the U.S. continues to thumb its nose at "warming." Maybe if they'll get the power back on in New Hampshire., the carbon created will warm them up and melt all that ice! LOL!

Weird. New Hampshire had really cold (record setting) weather last winter too.

Czech president hits at EU climate deal:

Czech President Vaclav Klaus hit out at the EU climate deal concluded Friday and described global climate issues as "a silly luxury."

"I do not like the way they forced it", Klaus said shortly after an agreement was announced in Brussels.

He also claimed that his French counterpart Nicolas Sarkozy had "pushed" the deal so that it would not be left when the Czech Republic takes over the EU presidency from France on January 1.

"This is scandalous," he said. "We should have been able to discuss it during our presidency, to force it now is not very good."

"Environmental issues are a luxury good," Klaus added. "Now we have to tighten our belt and to cut the luxury."

Global climate issues "are a silly luxury good," he repeated.

More outages possible in ice-ravaged Northeast - Yahoo! News:
ROCHESTER, N.H. – Utility officials trying to recover from the devastating ice storm in the Northeast warned there could be more outages Sunday as drooping branches shed ice and snap back to their original positions, potentially taking out more power lines. Roughly 800,000 customers were still without power in upstate New York, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Maine late Saturday. Utilities in hardest-hit New Hampshire said power might not be totally restored to the region until Thursday or Friday, a week after the storm knocked down utility lines, poles and equipment and blacked out 1.4 homes and businesses.

President Bush declared a state of emergency in the Granite State and in nine of Massachusetts' 14 counties late Saturday, directing the Federal Emergency Management Agency to provide relief assistance.

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