Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Biggest Las Vegas snow since 1979!

Remember, circa 1973 was when prominent, liberal US magazines like Newsweek were stating that we were in for our next ice age. Looks like they're finally getting their wish, though they'll explain it away to save the 'green lie.'

Also remember that winter has not officially started! Don't worry, however, alarmists. Fear-mongering scientists have figured out a way to keep you believing through all this cold weather that's melting the glaciers, LOL!

Las Vegas Now | Winter Weather Hits Las Vegas:

The National Weather Service says this could end up being the biggest snowstorm to impact Las Vegas since 1979 when 7.8 inches of snow was measured at McCarran International Airport.

NV Energy says about 2,000 customers are without power in the area of Rancho and US-95. They are working on fixing the problem.

The Clark County School District says it will make a decision in the early morning hours as to whether schools will be closed due to the weather.

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