Sunday, December 7, 2008

GASP!: Venice floods sometimes

Predictably, the media manages to make some far-reaching assertions in this article. When I saw the headline, I just knew they’d bury the words “global warming” in it someplace, and I wasn’t wrong.

Venice is a city (a lot like New Orleans) built on swampy land. IT HAS ALWAYS HAD FLOODING PROBLEMS! They even tell you in the article that this is the worst flooding since 1986 (meaning it occurred then and in times before)! Global warming is NOT increasing the “severity and frequency” of floods in Venice (or anywhere else for that matter).

I wonder if the North Pole completely melted as predicted for this past summer (due to climate change)? I sure didn’t hear anything more about it in the news after the original fear piece, did you? Seems that it would have been big news. Hmmm...

WAKE UP WORLD! You’re being HAD! Please read the GASP! series and check out the warmlist for links to articles that expose everything that global warming is supposedly causing.

Tourists warned to stay away as Venice suffers worst flooding for two decades:

The entire city, founded on a collection of marshy islands in the 5th century, suffers from periodic flooding. The growing severity and frequency of the floods is attributed to silt deposits raising the floor of the lagoon and a rise in sea levels caused by global warming.

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