Monday, December 22, 2008

GASP!: No more "White Christmases"

Bing CrosbyYou may be dreaming of a White Christmas (and probably are experiencing a rather harsh one), but Reuters has news for're all in big trouble come 2100! That's right folks...the cold, white stuff is history, thanks to your evil, capitalistic ways. LOL! You won't remember this climate BS in 2100 and neither will I...we'll all be dead by that time. Heck, my 7-year-old daughter will be 99 by then (and yes...I'm teaching her that global warming is crap).

I can only hope that all the antithetical research and evidence, both scientific and empirical, will survive in some documented form to show just how hysterical and stupid this entire warming scam was. We'll all be panicked over something else by that time, but I hope history will record this idiocy.

Need more fear and stupidity? Read the GASP! series, and please check out Dr. John Brignell's warmlist to hear from a REAL scientist and read about all the things insanely linked to global warming by the media!

Climate change could one day doom white Christmas | Environment | Reuters

BERLIN (Reuters) - The odds of a "white Christmas" in temperate parts of the northern hemisphere have diminished in the last century due to climate change and will likely decline further by 2100, climate and meteorology experts said.

Even though heavy snow this year will guarantee a white Christmas in many parts of Asia, Europe and North America, an 0.7-degree Celsius (1.3 Fahrenheit) rise in world temperatures since 1900 and projected bigger rises by 2100 suggest an inexorable trend.

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