Tuesday, December 16, 2008

NASA falls back on "melting ice"

Wizard-Of-Oz-W24Given Dr. Hansen's recent blaring mathematical errors, where he incorrectly proclaimed Oct 2008 as the warmest October ever, NASA has decided to fall back on a common empirical theme used by global warming alarmists when there are times of trouble -- THE ICE IS MELTING, THE ICE IS MELTING! Need more fear? Read the GASP! series and the warmlist.

Of course, they don't spend a lot of time (they actually avoid) talking about the ice that reforms EVERY SINGLE WINTER. When alarmist scientists have discussed ice that reforms annually in the press, they predictably downplay the "new ice" in attempts to strengthen the level of alarm in the minds and hearts of the public. In other words: "Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!" These devious powers want us all to be the Cowardly Lion. Al Gore is the Wizard...Dr. Cullen is the Wicked Witch, and Dr. Hansen is one of her evil monkeys.

As expected, empirical evidence (e.g., heat waves, storms, hurricanes, etc.) that seems to support global warming as a theory is always played up in the endorsable media, while antithetical empirical evidence (that which calls global warming into question--record cold, winter storms, ice, etc.) is covered up or turned on its head as proof of AGW (this is one reason alarmists switched to the term "climate change" as opposed to "global warming"--that way man can be blamed for warming or cooling). This is why alarmists say that the cooling of recent years is a result of warming or that warming is being "masked" by cooling. See how ridiculous this is? The sun cools (fewer sunspots)? They ignore that scientific observation as a cause for our cooling, because it doesn't fit the CO2 template.

There's alarm right now in the camps of alarmists; the trend over the past few years (both scientific and empirical) has not been good for the theory of manmade global warming. For one thing...it's REALLY FRICKIN' COLD OUTSIDE, so alarmists proclaim that the cold is being caused by warming or that it's only masking the warming. Antithetical science is simply ignored or countered with supporting pseudo-science. Skeptical scientists (and there are MANY...not a few as portrayed in the media) who question the theory or ask to debate are lambasted (more proof that this crap IS NOT REAL).

The other problem for alarmists is that the economy has taken a dive, so the public is saying 'hell no!' to the expense of "solving" a nonexistent problem. Ironically, top liberals consistently said that we needed a slower economy to fight AGW; well, they got their wish! They may wish they had never wished for that, because a slower economy means fewer will support political action to address environmental issues, especially those that are questionable.

People are beginning to smell a rat, and the alarmists know it. The alarmists have all sorts of reasons for propping up this madness, so they'll keep it up...even if a new ice age takes hold. After all, any new ice age will just be proof of global warming. LOL!

FOXNews.com - NASA: 2 Trillion Tons of Ice Have Melted Since 2003:

WASHINGTON — More than 2 trillion tons of land ice in Greenland, Antarctica and Alaska have melted since 2003, according to new NASA satellite data that show the latest signs of what scientists say is global warming.

More than half of the loss of landlocked ice in the past five years has occurred in Greenland, based on measurements of ice weight by NASA's GRACE satellite, said NASA geophysicist Scott Luthcke. The water melting from Greenland in the past five years would fill up about 11 Chesapeake Bays, he said, and the Greenland melt seems to be accelerating.

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