Friday, October 10, 2008

Slower Economy Will Fight AGW

Do I hear a liberal echo in here? Bill Clinton said this very thing quite a while ago: Slow down the economy to fight AGW. Fact: A slower economy should, in theory, reduce CO2 emissions. Fact: CO2 emissions are not driving worldwide climate as heralded by alarmists, because CO2 has only gone up since 1998 (the so-called hottest year on record), while global mean temperatures have declined, and, recently, they’ve plummeted, sparking fears of a new ice age for some scientists. It’s also worth mentioning that this ding-dong is a Nobel Prize winner (and remember, so is Al Gore...also a ding-dong) who advocated blocking out the sun’s light to help cool the Earth. I wonder if he’s considered that the Earth is cooling without his nitnoid plan.   

Economic woes may give planet a breather:

NICOSIA (Reuters) - A slowdown in the world economy may give the planet a breather from the excessively high carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions responsible for climate change, a Nobel Prize winning scientist said on Tuesday. Atmospheric scientist Paul J Crutzen, who has in the past floated the possibility of blitzing the stratosphere with sulfur particles to cool the earth, said clouds gathering over the world economy could ease the earth's environmental burden. Slower economic growth worldwide could help slow growth of carbon dioxide emissions and trigger more careful use of energy resources, though the global economic turmoil may also divert focus from efforts to counter climate change, said Crutzen, winner of the 1995 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for his work on the depletion of the ozone layer. "It's a cruel thing to say ... but if we are looking at a slowdown in the economy, there will be less fossil fuels burning, so for the climate it could be an advantage," Crutzen told Reuters in an interview.

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