Saturday, October 25, 2008

Enviro-nut Fruitcakery

The environmental fruitcakes are oozing from the cracks and crevices of society. Don’t forget what they diagnose in Australia, and please review the previous post on eco-therapy. A lot of these episodes are rooted in fear, propagated by media stories that delineate bogus, politically-tinged studies (i.e., junk science), which have no basis in reality whatsoever.

Enjoy your global warming corn flakes, you bunch of dimwits (on second thought--don't--we need the corn for biofuel). Move to the mountains and live in bubbles; make Darwin right.

Pa. woman ordered out of chemical-free 'bubble':

Some doctors question whether environmental illness is a genuine physical disorder and suggest it is psychological. Feudale-Bowles says she was diagnosed by Dr. William Rea of Texas, who has been accused by the Texas Medical Board of promoting "pseudoscience." He vigorously disputes the charge and continues to see patients.

Feudale-Bowes says fabric softener, nail polish, perfume, new sneakers, upholstery and many other items can make her body go haywire. She says she has suffered from a range of chronic ailments, including migraines, joint pain, bladder inflammation, seizures and temporary paralysis. Her insides, she says, have sometimes felt like "fire with ground glass in it."

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