Thursday, November 20, 2008

Forecasters: It's cold now but will be warm later

Forecasters said the same thing about last year's record cold winter (i.e., it was only going to be briefly cold--ahem, WRONG!).

Review the posts here, here, and here (among others talking about last year's winter). We were also told, insanely, that the cold weather we were seeing was caused by global warming! Then La Nina and El Nino were used as excuses to explain away the record-setting cold we've seen, which runs empirically counter to the entire global warming theory. Again and again, climate predictions--from higher temperatures to increased hurricanes--have continually refused to materialize. Can you expect this prediction to be any different than the others? I PREDICT NO!

Clearly, it's uncomfortable for the believers and alarmists in the media to keep seeing these low temperatures that cast doubt on all the brainwashing in which they've engaged.

Cold start to winter will warm, forecasters say -

Weather forecasters are predicting a colder-than-normal start to winter in the eastern part of the United States.

The season overall will be warmer than normal in the Southwest, South and parts of the Midwest, according to independent forecasters.

"It's going to be an aggressive start," said Ken Reeves, director of forecasting at

"What's really going to stand out for a lot of people is the immediate slap in the face of what will be a rather cold December, especially in the eastern third of the nation," Reeves said.


Despite the early cold, Ed O'Lenic, a senior meteorologist and chief of the climate operations branch at the Climate Prediction Center, said he believes this winter will be warmer than the average over the past 30 years.

Anthony Barnston, director of forecasting at Columbia University's International Research Institute in New York, said a lessening of La NiƱa could result in a warmer winter.

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