Thursday, November 6, 2008

Voters mostly say NO to environmental ballot measures

Will the alarmist psychos awaken from their stupor finally? Probably not. When you’re a Kool-aid drinking fanatic, it’s fairly tough to change your ways, regardless of how much evidence stacks up against you and your silly theory.

Let’s hope our new President-Elect will not follow-through on his promises to bankrupt the coal industry; he certainly would harm a lot of families if he did that, wouldn’t he? All to stop a non-existent problem with the element Carbon.

Not So Green: Voters Nix Most Environmental State Ballot Measures:

Voters didn’t just decide on the president or Congress yesterday. Among five major energy and environmental ballot initiatives from California to Missouri, all but one were voted down. Does that mean that apparent public support for clean energy withers away when the rubber meets the road?

Not necessarily. But it does suggest that any government plans to boost clean energy have to be sharply focused, realistic, and present a clear win for voters, who are also consumers. Grist has a great rundown on state-level initiatives, here.

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