Saturday, November 8, 2008

Gore: Obama-electing youth could save Earth?

Puh-leaze! Oh Lord Messiah Obama...please save us from the nonexistent threat of manmade global warming, so that Al Gore's stupidity can be vindicated.

Young people are the most likely to be taken in by the scam, however, because they haven't lived long enough to smell a scam artist when they see one.

Right now, only the dufuses of the world still believe in this global warming nonsense.

Is Al Gore making a move now to eventually proclaim that the Internet he "invented" is now going to save Earth? LOL!

Internet revolution that elected Obama could save Earth: Gore:

Former US vice president Al Gore said an Internet revolution carrying Barack Obama to the White House should now focus its power on stopping Earth's climate crisis.

The one-time presidential contender turned environmental champion told Web 2.0 Summit goers in San Francisco Friday that technology has provided tools to save the planet while creating jobs and stimulating the crippled economy.

"The young people who have been inspired by Barack Obama's campaign and the movement that powered Barack Obama's campaign want a purpose," Gore said.

"One of the reasons we were all thrilled Tuesday night is it was pretty obvious this was a collectively intelligent decision."

The Internet's critical role in Democrat Obama's victory in the presidential race against Republican John McCain was a "great blow for victory" in addressing a "democracy crisis" stifling action against climate change, Gore said.

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