Sunday, December 7, 2008

Gutfield's spot-on, GREEN commentary

Greg Gutfield of the Red Eye w/ Greg Gutfield makes some great points in his piece on the Green Movement and Rockefeller Center's "Green Holiday [ahem...Christmas] Tree." Please follow the link to read the entire short piece--it's well worth a few minutes. - Proof the Green Movement Is a Stupid Joke - Red Eye w/ Greg Gutfeld:

I mean, if you really believe in going green, then cancel the tree lighting altogether and replace it with a pagan prayer recited by a naked Ed Begley, Jr.

And that's the point of going green: Anything that's fun must be bad for the planet. And this is why all environmentalists are so boring. Being green is just an excuse for self-absorbed saps to prove their superiority without doing anything superior.


devilfutility said...

I see there aren't many comments here - but I regularly check this page out.

Another reason why I think the Green movement is a joke is that so few of them are pro nuclear power. If they really wanted to replace our hydrocarbon based energy system they could get out of the way of nuclear power and even advocate it.

Instead they want to promote technologies that really aren't ready like nuclear power and wind power. I'm surprised that they are not complaining about windmills killing birds though.

The environmentalist Economist magazine believes that green subsidies aren't a good idea. They cite the fact that Germany subsidizes solar power making the solar cells more expensive in places where it would actually be useful and cost competitive. They prefer carbon trading schemes.

G.W. Denier said...

I'm glad you're here and checking it out! This is my catharsis. And you've made some great points. Greens are also a joke because their entire cause is predicated on a lie.