Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Cold weather offers no respite for U.S.

Dr EvilHas winter even officially started yet?

Ironic really. The same news organization--The Ass. Press (abbreviation intentional)--that must report this brutal winter weather also sent out global warming fear tripe earlier this week, in attempts to dissuade us from concluding that global warming isn't happening because of all this darn cold. Reading this story reminds me so much of LAST WINTER and EVEN LAST SPRING! Heck, how 'bout LAST SUMMER?! Wonder if the North Pole melted like media reports predicted? I didn't hear anything more of it.

Don't worry...global warming doesn't always cause such cold winters! (This was from last year too.) LOL!

In the words of the immortal Dr. Evil:


No respite as wintry storms spread over nation - Taunton Gazett (AP):

Freezing air blanketed much of the nation Tuesday, making roads hazardous in Texas and slowing recovery from ice storm blackouts in New England, in the second day of a bitter cold wave.

Temperatures were 20 below zero and lower across the northern Plains, and a band of snow, freezing rain and sleet stretched from Kansas along the Ohio Valley to Maine.

Dozens of schools closed in Kentucky and Tennessee because of slippery roads and salt truck crews started working before dawn. Up to a half-foot of snow had fallen in parts of Kentucky.

"It's pretty treacherous," said Jodi Shacklette, a Kentucky State Police dispatcher in Elizabethtown. "We're working wrecks just left and right."

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