Friday, July 4, 2008

Insurers use "global warming" to hike rates

Hurricanes. Al Gore was one of the original proponents of this flawed theory; Hurricanes aren’t spurned by global warming, especially since global warming is a stupid sham being propped up by nutjobs. Want proof? There’s a lot of anecdotal evidence that Al Gore is a lunatic, but if one looks here at my posts on hurricanes, you can find expert opinions and evidence that Mr. Gore has chosen to ignore since “horrible” hurricane seasons (post-Katrina) failed to materialize as predicted.

What have we heard on the U.S. coastlines since Hurricane Katrina, which Gore implied was fed by global warming in his stupid movie?

“Cricket, cricket!”
The AGW alarmist’s response to these subsequent “non-seasons” following continued predictions to the contrary?
“Cricket, cricket!”
What would be the outcry if there had been devastating storms since 2005? We all know the answer, because EVERYTHING IS CAUSED BY GLOBAL WARMING. The hurricane seasons continue to defy even Dr. Gray’s often-praised predictions, proving once again the arrogant fallibility of man in conducting prophecy on Mother Nature.

AGW becomes a convenient way to raise rates or eliminate hurricane insurance coverage within the insurance industry.

Cyclones are fed and strengthened in-part by warm oceans waters, but they originate from thunderstorms that are formed by contrasting temperature gradients (mixing of COLD AND HOT air masses). Note again—COLD AND HOT air coming together, not just HOT. The stronger the contrast between air masses, the stronger the resulting thunderstorms. I’m not even a meteorologist and I know this. Incidentally, tornados come from thunderstorms too, so they are also NOT CAUSED BY GLOBAL WARMING, even if Senator Kerry says they are (and he’s not a meteorologist either).

So, what’s happening now? What I told you about earlier. Those who jump on the AGW bandwagon are either blind, unthinking followers, looking to make a buck somehow, or they have some other personal agenda they’re keeping close to the vest. In this case, AGW becomes a convenient way to raise rates or eliminate hurricane insurance coverage within the insurance industry; it's simply profiteering. See? AGW solutions and adjustments will only harm the American consumer and hurt the economy, which Bill Clinton openly stated was necessary to “save the planet for our grandkids.” Give me a break!

Hurricane Watch: Insurers Criticized for New Rate Models | WSJ:

Scientists say the jury is still out on whether rising sea temperatures will cause more hurricanes to hit U.S. coastlines. Yet some insurance companies are boosting premiums based on assumptions that they will. Others are withdrawing from coastal communities altogether.

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