Monday, July 14, 2008

Russians evacuate melting ice chunk

Talk about a far-reaching claim! These guys decided to pitch a tent on a floating chunk of ice in September of last year (as we started to have that record cold season we weren't supposed to have), and now they’re surprised the ice chunk is melting in the midst of summer? Notice that they were going to evacuate it anyway. Why? Because IT WAS GOING TO MELT ANYWAY! Very deceptive, these alarmist-advocates.

That last sentence is just retarded. I don’t know how these morons transcend the considerable gulf between “melting ice in July” and “global warming.” Yes, warmth melts ice, but relative warmth is normal in the Arctic at this time of year. Therefore, more warmth equals less ice. Duh! The question: is CO2 causing the warming that's melting the ice? No. The summer is causing the warming that's melting the ice!

I predicted that the alarmists would take the normal heat of summer and turn it into the global warming boogeyman; it’s opportunism at its finest. It’s easier for the advocates to convince the sheep that there’s manmade global warming when it’s actually warm outside due to summer...especially when ice melts.

Scientists Evacuate Research Station Built on Ice Due to Global Warming

MOSCOW — Russian scientists are evacuating a research station built on an Arctic ice floe because global warming has melted the ice to a fraction of its original size, a spokesman said.

The North Pole-35 station, where 21 researchers and two dogs live in huts, will be taken off the floe in the western Arctic Ocean this week instead of in late August as originally planned, said Sergei Balyasnikov of the Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute in St. Petersburg.

The research crew landed in early September on the 1.2- by 2.5-mile floe near the Severnaya Zemlya archipelago. During its westward drift of more than 1,550 miles, the floe shrank to just 1,000 by 2,000 feet.

"The evacuation is ahead of schedule because of global warming," Balyasnikov said.

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