Tuesday, July 8, 2008

EPA pressured to "cover up" climate change?

This one is easy to pick apart. Pay attention, climate alarmists. First, of all...President Bush is one of the cretins backing government action on this nonsense of manmade climate change, along with John McCain. For whatever reason, many conservatives have jumped on board with the boondoggle, and it's my belief that liberals don't really want them on "their territory"--Democrats don't want the climate change issue fogged over for them. Liberals and Democrats want climate change as a wedge issue for themselves, while some Republicans have tossed reason out the window in favor of political expediency.

Second, please see the previous post where I wrote about how scientists at the EPA are being pressured to bias their results. Who's pressuring them? The April 2008 articles on this subject never point fingers, except to say that political figures on both sides (Republicans and Democrats) are pressuring EPA scientists, so it appears that one group of politicians wants them to bias for and the other to bias against AGW. This is funny, since Heidi Cullen, Weather Channel vixen of the climate, told us that global warming is not a political issue at all. My read on this older article is that the AP wanted readers to draw the conclusion that Republicans were pressuring EPA scientists to bias against climate change, without ever saying it openly. I believe that Democrats are pressuring EPA scientists to advocate for government action on climate change, which doesn't exist by the way.

Third, according to Rasmussen the Congressional approval rating (yes, the DEMOCRAT-CONTROLLED CONGRESS FOR TWO YEARS NOW) has just fallen to SINGLE DIGITS at 9%!!! (Far lower than President Bush's dismal approval ratings.) Besides, Senator Boxer is one of the liberalist of liberals out of California, a state so leftist that Che himself would love living there. It's not a good time to be talking about energy conservation when Americans are already being hammered on energy costs just to keep their homes comfortable and drive to work each day; I have no clue why Democrats don't get this...but they will if Americans keep growing angrier. So far, we're driving less and reducing our demand, but oil supplies remain tight because of worldwide demand (and market speculation).

White House in climate change cover up | Environment | Reuters:

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A leading U.S. Senate Democrat accused the Bush administration on Tuesday of a "cover-up" aimed at stopping the Environmental Protection Agency from tackling greenhouse emissions.


Anonymous said...

My question is who appointed the current leadership of the EPA that would be in the position to apply pressure on these scientists. Political pressure tends to roll downhill in my experience, so if the leadership of the EPA was appointed by the current regime, then one should deduce that they answer to pressure from the current regime, and that the pressure is coming from the conservatives. One doesn't have to take a leap to determine in what direction they want this science to point, and if you deduced that from the USA today article then you are correct in your deductive reason, but tremendously incorrect in you belief that liberals, that appointed no one to the EPA would have the kind of pull, on upper managament at the EPA to put pressure on the scientist there. That's not logical, and runs counter to standard operating procedures for political pressure.

G.W. Denier said...

Well, I don't know. Who appointed them? And who appointed the scientists claiming pressure? You tell me. It seems to me that you're quibbling over a minor detail and missing the big picture of the entire write-up.

I don't think you're reading the article; go back and read everything I linked to from top to bottom (the old article and the recent one); the original April article said that pressure was being applied "from both sides of the aisle" (meaning Democrats and Republicans in Congress are applying pressure at the EPA). This proves a point--global warming is a political issue that has left science behind, though Heidi Cullen tries to say otherwise. The AGW movement bastardizes science for its own end, but the cult has no real scientific legs to stand on.

It's really clear to see where Democrats and liberals want the "science" to point; you have to understand that, politically, this can be viewed two separate ways (not just the liberal way you're viewing it). If any contrary scientist questions the stupid theory of manmade climate change (like myself), they're ostracized or threatened with all sorts of stigma. Since it's obvious you don't know, the VERY LEGS OF SCIENCE IS OPEN DEBATE...not debate that's shut down, which is what the media and liberals seemingly want (and now even some conservatives seem to want). There's much money to be made in climate change, and much power to be had. The politically connected (on both sides now) have a vested interest in propping up the wilting theory, and science (and the innocent citizenry) is left holding a smoldering bag of crap.

And what the hell is a "standard operating procedure for political pressure?" Are you actucally implying that only Republicans apply political pressure? If so, you're extremely naive and brainwashed. Please post again when you can actually convey a thought clearly and not sound like a liberal parrot.