Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Penn and Teller expose AGW alarmists

Well, we've seen how our late, great fellow sham-ologist, George Carlin, talked about insipid environmentalism--including global warming. Now, Penn and Teller do a great exposé on the retarded myth cult movement of "manmade global warming." They really demonstrate how goofy these brainwashed extremists are, from the "smartest" to the dumbest among them.

That pesky DIHYDROGEN MONOXIDE is really deadly stuff; watch as these environmentalist kooks freely sign the petition to ban it, with no questions asked. Yep, 2065 is a good date to set a prediction, since we'll all be dead and probably won't remember. Clever charlatans are some of these alarmists (and some not so much).

NOTE: Be prepared for adult language if you choose to watch these videos!

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