Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Redford fights AGW with...poetry

Awww...he cares so much; what a sensitive man he is!

Robert Redford (as well as other celebrities) continue to show what utter dimwits they are when it comes to the climate (they're mostly stupid and insular about any political issue). Hey Bob, why not stick your poetry in your ear and, instead, throw some of your considerable liberal, elitist wealth into the fight?

Follow Al Gore's lead and at least buy some carbon credits from yourself or something.

Robert Redford Fights Global Warming With Poetry : NPR:

Redford spoke with Lauren Whitehead, associate director of Youth Speaks, and Simone Crew, slam poet and participant in "Brave New Voices: Youth Speaks! 11th International Youth Poetry Slam," on Talk of the Nation about his latest project and getting young people involved in the fight against global warming.

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