Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Alaska experiencing normal, COOL summer

Lol-2Ha ha ha...this is so funny and cool (literally and figuratively) that I can hardly stand it! Alaska is experiencing a DARN COLD SUMMER, and the people there are bummed: They want the warm '04 and '05 summer again. LOL!

I guess global warming is taking a break, just as the alarmists "retroactively predicted," since this past record winter killed people worldwide from extreme cold, ice, and snow. The record cold winter in China and elsewhere was attributed to "brief cold," but we see that the cold of last winter continued through spring 2008 (where AGW was supposed to 'rush spring') and well into this summer.

I call this media reversal a cover story; it's climate revisionism, designed to hold on to the AGW pipe dream until the temperatures go back up again. Then they can continue the scare campaign (which they've never abandoned). LOL! How can they abandon it? If they go back now and admit the truth, what's left of their reputations will be completely in the toilet.

Let's not forget how we've actually had these lunatics claim that the harsh, cooler weather is caused by warming. Yes, that's why they now favor the term "manmade climate change" over the once ubiquitous "manmade global warming."

This is empirical evidence, of course, but the alarmists have no problem pointing out record warmth (and anything else weird in the weather) as proof of global warming. However, this AK summer weather is NORMAL, so it's tough to call it a troubling climate signal. We realists are just giving them a taste of their own stupid medicine.

See here where Charlotte, NC just had a RECORD-SETTING COLD JULY 2008!

Oh, and scientifically-speaking, don't clouds HOLD IN warmth, since water is a powerful greenhouse gas?

Chill out -- it's just a normal cool summer: Anchorage |

Sunny days of '04 and '05 spoiled us, experts say

By MONIQUE NEWTON Published: July 15th, 2008 12:01 AM Last Modified: July 15th, 2008 05:47 PM

People are exchanging their flip-flops and shorts for close-toed shoes and fleece more than usual this summer.

The cool, gloomy weather is almost as hot a topic in town as steep gas prices.

But forecasters and climatologists say that while temperatures are below average, they aren't reaching any notable extremes. Problem is, the gray skies over Southcentral this year are following several years of pretty nice weather.

"I think there's a perception thing because there's been a lot of cloud cover this summer," said Sam Albanese, a forecaster with the National Weather Service in Anchorage.

"Really what's happening this year is nothing extraordinary. ... It's just that '04 and '05 were so (warm and sunny) ... and it's so fresh in people's memories that people think, 'Wow, this is so cold.' "

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