Saturday, July 12, 2008

And now a warning from Sen. Inhofe

We already know that liberals and certain conservatives want to hurt our economy to "fight global warming for our grandkids" Am I lying? Bill Clinton said it himself--read it and weep. There's a ton of proof right here in this blog listing the antics of liberal alarmists, and the solutions always involve slowing, eliminating, or hindering some vestige of capitalism. Here's more proof in this article. The liberal believers at the EPA want to do all sorts of damage to our way of life (capitalism) in the name of "saving the planet." Guess what? You can't save something that IS NOT IN DANGER!

Bravo for standing up for truth, Senator Inhofe.

Tulsa World: Inhofe: EPA too powerful, could damage economy:

WASHINGTON — While others criticized the Bush administration's inaction on greenhouse gases, U.S. Sen. Jim Inhofe warned Friday that it has put in place a scenario that will bankrupt the U.S. economy.

A key player in the years-long debate over climate change, the Oklahoma Republican agreed that using the Clean Air Act to put new regulations in place would be an unprecedented expansion of the Environmental Protection Agency's authority that would impact every household.

"Obviously the concept of regulating carbon dioxide under the Clean Air Act is flawed and the act must be amended by Congress," Inhofe said.

"Today's notice should concern all lawmakers; no one should want the EPA to exercise the kind of power and authority that the career staff at EPA contemplates."

Last month, he said, the Senate rejected a "cap-and-trade" proposal that would allow companies to buy or sell allowances depending on their level of pollution.

"It is ironic that the EPA has proposed an even more economically destructive scheme this close to that bill's demise," Inhofe said.

"If Congress does not act, then the resulting regulations could be the largest regulatory intrusion into Americans' personal lives, a nightmare scenario.

"Big Brother is alive and well in the career ranks at the EPA."

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