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Scientists begin salvaging their reputations!

Due to the importance of this, I am reprinting the entire blog post from below. Now, as much as I agree with the intent of that blog post, I have to point out that the APS has not changed its overall official stance on climate change; what is true is that one forum of the APS (Forum on Physics and Society) called for a debate in its July 2008 Newsletter with this posting by the forum's editor. The arguments against AGW made by Dr. Christopher Monckton in the newsletter on climate sensitivity (how sensitive the climate is to changes in CO2) are compelling.

We could see this coming, due to the record winter (and record cool summer) of 2007-08, climate revisionism, exaggerated claims, and the fact that more and more people worldwide are saying that this is utterly stupid.

Alarmists always spew “consensus” and “IPCC” when attempting to disallow debate with people (even really smart scientists) they consider to be “non-believers.” They’re not willing to admit it yet, but there are tens-of-thousands of “denying” scientists out there, including scientists once on the IPCC (like Dr. Richard Lindzen of MIT).

We’ve seen the petition of >31,000 skeptical scientists, many who ONCE BELIEVED BUT NOW HAVE TURNED AGAINST AGW as an unassailable truth. As the article says, there is a “considerable presence of skeptics.” Al Gore can no longer claim that denying scientists are “outliers,” because the outliers are now in the thousands-upon-thousands, and this number is growing. This doesn’t include the scientists who are keeping their opinions secret because they’ve witnessed some of their colleagues professionally tarred-and-feathered for questioning manmade climate change; these guys and gals have been getting the “Scarlet Letter” treatment for years. That’s all changing now.

This scam is finally being exposed for what it is—nothing but complete garbage. I feel that, apart from the fairy tale of global warming that continues alive-and-well in the media, the tide in real scientific circles is finally turning in the direction of REAL SCIENCE and TRUTH! Real scientists see that it’s BS, and they don’t want to be among the last ones left saying that an indefensible theory is fact. Look for the floodgates to open now; it’s going to be like rats fleeing a sinking ship.

There are numerous, vexing questions. Which mainstream news source (e.g., CNN, CBS, NYT, LAT, etc.) will be the first to cover a story like this one, where the reporters seriously question the validity of global warming and the “consensus”? When will Al Gore return his Nobel Prize and Oscar after being completely exposed as the fraud and charlatan that he is? When will Heidi Cullen’s climate show be cancelled? Will Dr. Hansen lose his job at NASA for wasting government resources for over twenty years? Will the POTUS candidates acknowledge reality?

Myth of Consensus Explodes: APS Opens Global Warming Debate

"Considerable presence" of skeptics

The American Physical Society, an organization representing nearly 50,000 physicists, has reversed its stance on climate change and is now proclaiming that many of its members disbelieve in human-induced global warming. The APS is also sponsoring public debate on the validity of global warming science. The leadership of the society had previously called the evidence for global warming "incontrovertible."

In a posting to the APS forum, editor Jeffrey Marque explains,"There is a considerable presence within the scientific community of people who do not agree with the IPCC conclusion that anthropogenic CO2 emissions are very probably likely to be primarily responsible for global warming that has occurred since the Industrial Revolution."

The APS is opening its debate with the publication of a paper by Lord Monckton of Brenchley, which concludes that climate sensitivity -- the rate of temperature change a given amount of greenhouse gas will cause -- has been grossly overstated by IPCC modeling. A low sensitivity implies additional atmospheric CO2 will have little effect on global climate.

Larry Gould, Professor of Physics at the University of Hartford and Chairman of the New England Section of the APS, called Monckton's paper an "expose of the IPCC that details numerous exaggerations and "extensive errors"

In an email to DailyTech, Monckton says, "I was dismayed to discover that the IPCC's 2001 and 2007 reports did not devote chapters to the central 'climate sensitivity' question, and did not explain in proper, systematic detail the methods by which they evaluated it. When I began to investigate, it seemed that the IPCC was deliberately concealing and obscuring its method."

According to Monckton, there is substantial support for his results, "in the peer-reviewed literature, most articles on climate sensitivity conclude, as I have done, that climate sensitivity must be harmlessly low."

Monckton, who was the science advisor to Britain's Thatcher administration, says natural variability is the cause of most of the Earth's recent warming. "In the past 70 years the Sun was more active than at almost any other time in the past 11,400 years ... Mars, Jupiter, Neptune’s largest moon, and Pluto warmed at the same time as Earth."

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