Sunday, December 6, 2009

Climate Science Fiction of 1970s

Many of us skeptics have seen the Newsweek, Time, and the New York Times stories about the coming ice age from the mid-1970s. Just so you know, that wasn't just media-fed fear. Government-connected climate scientists were saying the same things then and wrote a textbook about it. LOL! Are we really all this dumb? Apparently so. It looks like it took an email leak to bring this Goliath down.

Many of you are too young to remember, but in 1975 our government pushed "the coming ice age."

Random House dutifully printed "THE WEATHER CONSPIRACY … coming of the New Ice Age." This may be the only book ever written by 18 authors. All 18 lived just a short sled ride from Washington, D.C. Newsweek fell in line and did a cover issue warning us of global cooling on April 28, 1975. And The New York Times, Aug. 14, 1976, reported "many signs that Earth may be headed for another ice age."

OK, you say, that's media. But what did our rational scientists say?

In 1974, the National Science Board announced: "During the last 20 to 30 years, world temperature has fallen, irregularly at first but more sharply over the last decade. Judging from the record of the past interglacial ages, the present time of high temperatures should be drawing to an end…leading into the next ice age."


Remember how Galileo recanted his preaching about the earth revolving around the sun? He, of course, was about to be barbecued by his leaders. Today's scientists merely lose their cash flow. Threats work.

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