Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Post-Copenhagen: Europe Battles Bitter Cold

Following close on the heels of Copen-faken, Climategate, and continuing 'solution' stories, Mother Nature continues ignoring our dumb asses and pummeling us with bitter cold and snow. Empirical evidence has been ongoing for years now, and our 'fair' media reports on it often--NOT!

WARSAW, Poland -- Snowstorms and subfreezing temperatures have battered Europe, killing 15 people in Poland alone overnight and wreaking havoc on air, train and car travelers from the Nordics to Italy on the last weekend before Christmas.

France's civil aviation authority ordered the cancellation of 40% of flights out of Paris' Charles de Gaulle and Orly airports Sunday through the mid-afternoon.

[From Subzero Temperatures Batter Europe - WSJ.com]