Friday, December 4, 2009

Academy Members: Take back Al Gore's Oscar - Climategate

LOL! You've got to love this. Of course, their demand has as much chance of success as an icicle in hell, but I admire them for saying what none of their liberal counterparts will.

And yes, LA Times, there are SOME conservatives in Hollywood...about two or three. LOL!

What's funnier is that the Nobel organization isn't demanding its more prestigious award back from Al Gore.

No, it wouldn't do anything for the environment.

But two Hollywood conservatives (yes, there are some) have called upon the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences to rescind the prestigious, profitable gold Oscar statuette that it gave ex-Vice President Al Gore et al two years ago for the environmental movie "An Inconvenient Truth."

Roger L. Simon and Lionel Chetwynd, both Academy members, are among a small, meandering pack of known political conservatives still believed to be on the loose in the liberal bastion of movie-making.

In 2007, Hollywood's Academy sanctified Gore's cinematic message of global warming with its famous statue, enriched his earnings by $100,000 per 85-minute appearance and helped elevate the Tennesseean's profile to win the Nobel Peace Prize despite losing the election battle of 2000 to a Texan and living in a large house with lots of energy-driven appliances.

[From Take back Al Gore's Oscar, 2 Academy members demand in light of Climategate | Top of the Ticket | Los Angeles Times]