Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Carbon-filled Al Gore Bellows More

When will this carbon-spewing, hypocritical nitwit go away? He's managed to sully the Nobel Prize and the Oscars simply by being a committee-entrancing recipient. He really needs a new niche.

Has anyone noticed how large Al Gore has gotten lately? I mean really...he's HUGE; he has really packed on the fat since he lost the election 9 years ago (yes, I said lost...not robbed of). Do you know out of what fat is primarily composed? That's right...strings and strings of CARBON ATOMS chained together. As a matter of fact, fats and oils are almost 100% carbon, with a little hydrogen thrown in.

Al Gore is a walking, farting environmental carbon disaster, according to his own definition.

And then he consumes enough energy (at his home and in his travels) to power a small city, all while buying carbon credits from his own business to make himself feel better (and richer). He needs the money, though, to buy more steak dinners.

Gore calls on world business leaders to push for climate deal

NEW YORK -- Nobel Peace Prize winner Al Gore on Sunday urged a gathering of more than 500 business leaders to push for a global agreement on curbing global warming pollution, saying "Mother Nature does not do bailouts."

"The market signals on energy are badly misleading and wrong. We do not take into account the cost of pollution," Gore told the meeting of chief executives from global industry giants, including PepsiCo Inc.

"If there is no cost to be paid for the indiscriminate dumping of pollution into the earth's atmosphere, then it should be a surprise to no one that today we will dump another 70 million tons of global warming pollution into the thin shell of atmosphere surrounding our planet," Gore said.