Thursday, May 14, 2009

GASP!: iPods – The Great Polar Bear Killers

This type of fear-provoking, anti-capitalist article certainly isn’t new to the plethora of lefty writings that detail what our love of electronics is doing to scorch the Earth. We’ve seen computers, video games, flat screen TVs, Christmas lights, and LCD monitors attacked before for their transgressions against an ordered, socialist society, which poots not one ounce of carbon into the atmosphere.

This attack on electronics doesn’t include the other “Mean Green” attacks on such capitalist offerings as drive-through restaurants, cows, toilet paper, automobiles, air travel, and old-fashioned light bulbs.

Read more of the GASP! series and follow some warmlist links if you need to be MORE AFRAID than you already are of NOTHING. Look, there’s your shadow! Boo!

Environmental alarms raised over consumer electronics

PARIS — Charge your iPod, kill a polar bear?

The choice might not be quite that stark, but an energy watchdog is alarmed about the threat to the environment from the soaring electricity needs of gadgets like MP3 players, mobile phones and flat screen TVs.

In a report Wednesday, the Paris-based International Energy Agency estimates new electronic gadgets will triple their energy consumption by 2030 to 1,700 terawatt hours, the equivalent of today's home electricity consumption of the United States and Japan combined.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, this is kind of ridiculous. Don't we save polar bears by not driving so much do to directions from our GPS devices when we're lost.

Instead of playing so much music outloud or using disposable batteries aren't we saving more energy with ipods rather than discmen, walkmen, or portable radios?

Wasn't my land line phone plugged in all the time, potentially with caller id and lcds constantly eating up power.