Saturday, April 18, 2009

During April Winter Storms, EPA Moves To “Halt Warming”

The looney tunes at the EPA are pressing ahead with their Draconian, anti-capitalist measures, and because of the Democrat-Obama takeover that recently occurred in our government, there doesn’t appear to be much standing in their way of succeeding.

Remember, prominent liberals of all persuasions went on record in the media within the last year stating that we had to cool our economy to fight global warming (look at previous posts about Clinton, Prince Charles, and Geithner). They got their wish, and no media outlet is doing their job and asking the tough follow-up questions: Are you pleased that the economy is now in the toilet?

This EPA-liberal alliance to regulate poot gases will only harm the economy further—not strengthen it. And they’ve told us that this is what they want.

EPA moves toward climate change regulations

WASHINGTON — In a major reversal of years of government policy, the Environmental Protection Agency on Friday proposed regulating greenhouse-gas emissions to combat global warming.

"In both magnitude and probability, climate change is an enormous problem," concluded EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson in a 130-page report. She found that projected levels of greenhouse gases "endanger the public health and welfare of current and future generations."

The finding came two years after the Supreme Court ruled the EPA had the authority to regulate greenhouse-gas emissions under the Clean Air Act.

Now the battle shifts from whether the gases should be regulated to how. The EPA's announcement puts pressure on Congress to enact its own restrictions this year, rather than leave all decisions up to the EPA.

New pollution limits seen for cars, big plants

WASHINGTON (AP) - Cars, power plants and factories could all soon face much tougher pollution limits.

The government took a major step in that direction Friday, concluding that carbon dioxide and five other greenhouse gases "endanger public health and welfare" under federal clean air laws, that they help cause climate change, or global warming and pose an enormous threat "in both magnitude and probability."

Meanwhile, in the very same news cycle, we see these empirical findings:

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow -- in April (Storm brings rain, strong winds to Las Vegas region)

Storm to grind on into Saturday (A strong spring storm will continue to move over Colorado on Saturday. Heavy, wet snow is expected for many areas with the most significant accumulation in the foothills and down near Monument Hill.)

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