Sunday, December 6, 2009

GASP!: Warming Will Cause Next Ice Age

LOL! Yes, you read that correctly.

Notice the groundwork being laid here? That's right. This scientist says that global warming will cause the next ice age. This is an old tactic from the hoaxers--blame cooling on warming. LOL! See...we can't win for losing. Global warming CAUSES EVERYTHING when you're a Kool-Aid drinking lunatic. This is simply more revisionism...trying to find ways to keep global warming research alive in a world that has seen what a hoax it is.

Read more horrible things in the GASP! series and get yourself a good chuckle.

Starting roughly 12,800 years ago, the Northern Hemisphere was gripped by a chill that lasted some 1,300 years. Known by scientists as the Younger Dryas and nicknamed the "Big Freeze," geological evidence suggests it was brought on when a vast pulse of fresh water — a greater volume than all of North America's Great Lakes combined — poured into the Atlantic and Arctic Oceans.

This abrupt influx, caused when the glacial Lake Agassiz in North America burst its banks, diluted the circulation of warmer water in the North Atlantic, bringing this "conveyer belt" to a halt. Without this warming influence, evidence shows that temperatures across the Northern Hemisphere plummeted.

[From Forget Global Warming, Earth Could Plunge into Sudden Ice Age - Biology | Astronomy | Chemistry | Physics -]