Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Smoking Code of Climategate

Have you been suckered by the liberal excuses on Climategate that the 'hacked' emails have been taken out of context? Well, here's a skeptical scientist's breakdown of computer code hacked from the CRU of East Anglia University at the same time that shows how a computer model was manipulated to produce the 'hockey stick' graph showing a large uptick in temperatures. Remember, the supposed hacker didn't just 'steal' emails; they swiped a lot of files, including this script or code file.

If you've had any computer programming courses, this stuff will make more sense to you, and you'll see what the author is talking about.

NOTE: This is an actual snippet of code from the CRU contained in the source file:

2; Apply a VERY ARTIFICAL correction for decline!!
4 yrloc=[1400,findgen(19)*5.+1904]
5 valadj=[0.,0.,0.,0.,0.,-0.1,-0.25,-0.3,0.,-0.1,0.3,0.8,1.2,1.7,2.5,2.6,2.6,2.6,2.6,2.6]*0.75   ; fudge factor
6 if n_elements(yrloc) ne n_elements(valadj) then message,'Oooops!'
8 yearlyadj=interpol(valadj,yrloc,timey)

What does this Mean? A review of the code line-by-line

[From Climategate: The Smoking Code « Watts Up With That?]