Monday, December 14, 2009

Developing Countries to World: PAY UP

You see? The developing countries just want the developed countries (like us) to PAY UP. This is all about PAYING UP, no matter which way you look at it or what you believe about the science. The solution involves money in various forms--oil taxes to "solve" it, carbon credits for Al Gore's company, expensive "green" products, or continuing huge research grants for climate scientists. And when reputations are in danger of going into the toilet due to counter-empirical evidence and unequivocal proof that it's all a hoax, you see politicians, scientists, and media types move to protect this pseudo-religion from further scrutiny. That's why the BS myth is continuing to be propped up after being thoroughly debunked. Reputations, when you think about it, all equal money, and many liars right now don't want to pay up.

Developing countries brought the negotiations to a halt earlier Monday with their demand that rich countries offer much deeper cuts in their greenhouse gas emissions.

[From EU: Developing Countries Agree to Resume U.N. Climate Talks - International News | News of the World | Middle East News | Europe News -]