Friday, December 11, 2009

Gore Lies: Climategate Emails '10-years Old'

And in reality, the most recent, damning email was from November of 2009, so we have TEN YEARS OF ACADEMIC AND SCIENTIFIC FRAUD AND LYING, not to mention Al Gore's continued lies (he lied three times about the email dates in this very interview).

Of course Gore falisifies the record. His entire climate career (not to mention his lies on other pet projects) is a one giant falsification.

Could those carefully vetted journalists who are allowed an audience with the Great Green Guru please - for once - confront him with his exaggerations, distortions, fake evidence and absurd predictions? I’ve done this myself over this issue, and can guarantee you will get a far funnier and more interesting reaction than another of his sermons. You may also get something rather closer to the truth.

[From Climategate: Gore falsifies the record | Herald Sun Andrew Bolt Blog]