Friday, December 4, 2009

U.N. Hides 'Greening' Information

So, it seems to me that we've seen very recent examples of a university (and their colleagues), NASA, and the U.N. hiding information on climate change and the Green Fad. Their accomplices in the U.S. Congress decide to go after the email leakers, while their media accomplices decide to ignore Climategate altogether or simply dismiss it. Smell any rats yet?

The United Nations, which has been telling the world that it must cut back dramatically on its greenhouse gas emissions, has finally decided to practice what it preaches. But the world body isn't coming clean on the full costs of its self-greening effort with the member states who foot the bill.

After Fox News began asking questions about a pilot project that aims to start that process, the documentation concerning the greening effort abruptly disappeared from the U.N. Web site where it had been stored.

[From U.N. Deletes Documents, Won't Come Clean on Costs of Greening World Offices - United Nations -]