Tuesday, December 22, 2009

GASP!: Fido Worse Than SUV

Normally, global warming news stories single out animals for extinction at the hands of our evil capitalistic ways, but this is a new angle: Puppy is worse for climate change than an SUV. This follows a theme lately, where liberals seem to be pulling back from their SUV hatred, because so many of them hypocritically drive SUVs, LOL! Let's see how many rat-dog totting liberals in Hollywood will give up their sweater-clad puppies.

This is just more of the same stupidity, where government seeks to control every aspect of your life--from what light bulbs you use to whether or not you can have a pet. Welcome to the New World Order.

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PARIS – Man's best friend could be one of the environment's worst enemies, according to a new study which says the carbon pawprint of a pet dog is more than double that of a gas-guzzling sports utility vehicle.

But the revelation in the book "Time to Eat the Dog: The Real Guide to Sustainable Living" by New Zealanders Robert and Brenda Vale has angered pet owners who feel they are being singled out as troublemakers.

[From Polluting pets: the devastating impact of man's best friend ]