Friday, December 11, 2009

British Lord Vader to Tax Frequent Fliers

This guy should change his name to Lord Vader.

This is what's coming for you if you don't stand up and stop this insanity. The government and private sector will shift this burden ON TO YOU. There's no one else. We're the government in the U.S., though you wouldn't think that by watching our current representatives. If they use the old 'charge it to the rich man' paradigm then you'll still pay. The 'rich man' in a capitalist country is the one who hires people and makes products; the rich man will simply hire less, fire more, or raise the cost of the product. So who's really paying? YOU ARE!

It's time to throw these bums out. The bums ignoring Climategate and sticking to the tried-and-true consensus argument, though now thoroughly discredited. I'm not sure voters can sack a "Lord" in the British parliament, but they can speak democratically (with a small "d") in other ways.

The chairman of the Government's Committee on Climate Change suggested those who flew more often should face higher levies than those who travelled infrequently.

Lord Turner was speaking as the Committee unveiled its report which said drastic action – including higher taxes – were needed to curb the growth in aviation demand over the next four decades.

In its report, the Committee said that the number of people flying to and from British airports should increase by no more than 60 per cent by 2050 for the Government to meet its target of ensuring that aviation's carbon emissions are no higher then than they were in 2005.

[From Frequent fliers could face higher tax says Government climate adviser - Telegraph]