Thursday, December 24, 2009

Build-A-Bearville Takes Down FEAR Videos

As a follow-up to the Build-A-Bear global warming indoctrination fiasco, here's a letter from the company CEO, Maxine Clark, as she attempts to do some DAMAGE CONTROL. LOL! Note that she says she was trying to "inspire children, through the voices of our animal characters, to make a difference in their own individual ways." Uh huh...yeah...sure. LOL! I guess they remembered that THEY ARE A CAPITALIST COMPANY that depends on FOSSIL FUELS to not only build their dumb, piece-o-crap toys, but also to get those toys to the consumer.

Obviously, the backlash put the fear in them, even though they're desperately trying to save face in this ridiculous, backpedaling letter. I challenge all of you Moms and Dads out there to be on the lookout for this environmentalist indoctrination elsewhere (including at school), because they're trying to brainwash you and your kids. There's nothing wrong with reducing pollution and recycling for the purposes of simply being a good steward of the planet. However, global warming alarmism has taken on a political life of its own, based on faulty, junk science. The Earth IS NOT heating up, and there IS NO CONSENSUS. Educate yourselves from other sources than the "mainstream media," which is in the can for all liberal initiatives--especially global warming.

Letter from Maxine Clark regarding online webisodes, posted December 22, 2009

Dear Associates, Guests and Partners,

We have received inquiries regarding our online webisodes and would like to provide you with the following information.

Our goal is to entertain and engage the imagination of children with our stuffed animals, our store environment, and online. Our intention with the Polar Bear story was to inspire children, through the voices of our animal characters, to make a difference in their own individual ways. We did not intend to politicize the topic of global climate change or offend anyone in any way. The webisodes concluded this week with Santa successfully leaving on his journey to deliver gifts around the world. The webisodes will no longer be available on the site.

I started Build-A-Bear Workshop as a place for families and children to come for a fun experience combining imagination, creativity and empowerment. I have always placed great value in the trust that our Guests have in our brand.

At Build-A-Bear Workshop we also strive to encourage kids to help others by participating in their communities. We listen to parents and kids about topics that they are interested in and care about. We especially value the input of parents. We are listening and taking all points of view into consideration for the future.

If you have questions, please contact us:

Guests with questions should contact:
Guest services

Media with questions should contact:
Jill Saunders
314-423-8000 ext. 5293
314-422-4523 (cell)

Investors with Questions should contact:
Investor Relations
314-423-8000 ext.5353


Maxine Clark
Founder and Chief Executive Bear
Build-A-Bear Workshop

[From Build-A-Bearville - Parent's info]