Saturday, August 9, 2008

EPA Continues Gore's Plan: Drive Climate Famine

Does the EPA consist of a mere bunch of alarmist enviro-nazis? The answer is a big YES. Review sham-articles here and here.

Here we see that these alarmists at the EPA will stop at nothing to prop up the mass of stupidity that is the farcical “human-induced climate change” scam. Just like Al Gore, they’re willing to make the poor of the world go hungry to protect their little lie.

EPA Denies Texas' Request for Ethanol Waiver:

LUBBUCK, Texas — The Environmental Protection Agency has denied a request from Texas to temporarily reduce ethanol requirements for gasoline in hopes of bringing down corn prices.

Gov. Rick Perry called the decision "a mistake" and "bad public policy."

EPA Administrator Stephen Johnson spoke to Perry about his waiver request by phone Thursday, shortly before Johnson was to announce the agency's decision publicly, said the governor's spokeswoman, Allison Castle.

A federal energy bill passed in December requires that 9 billion gallons of ethanol be blended into gasoline from Sept. 1 to Aug. 31, 2009. Perry asked the EPA in April to drop the Renewable Fuels Standard requirement to 4.5 billion gallons, saying demand for ethanol is raising corn prices for livestock producers and driving up food prices.

"I am greatly disappointed with the EPA's inability to look past the good intentions of this policy to see the significant harm it is doing to farmers, ranchers and American households," Perry said. "For the EPA to assert that this federal mandate is not affecting food prices not only goes against common sense, but every American's grocery bill.”

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