Saturday, August 16, 2008

GASP!: Global warming eating our bridges and tunnels!

Yes, the daily dose of fear from the media is as predictable as your morning coffee. Learn about what global warming is doing to us and the world by viewing the warmlist and the GASP! series. Learn to be afraid! They need you afraid--fear will force stupid political action for a non-existent problem. Fear will give the profiteers what they most want—more money!

Climate Change Could Wreck New York's Bridges, Tunnels

NEW YORK — Flooded subways. Bridges deteriorating in the hot sun. Rising seas nipping at the edges of Manhattan.

Those scenarios are up for review by a panel of scientists, government officials and private sector representatives studying how the city's infrastructure will hold up to climate change.

The Climate Change Adaptation Task Force met Tuesday for the first time as part of Mayor Michael Bloomberg's plan to address global warming in New York City, which already includes orders to switch the city's taxi fleet to hybrids by 2012 and to retrofit city buildings to meet greener standards.

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