Saturday, August 2, 2008

U.N.'s "No Oil, No Food" Program

The U.N. has had no real comment on the huge bolus of funds some of its most powerful members (ahem, Kofi Annan's son) embezzled over the years in programs like the “Oil for Food” scandal. Don’t look for that money to be returned, which could do a lot for the poorest people of the world--people whose plight the U.N. claims to champion. Heck, global warming alarmism--fueled by the U.N.'s hyperbolic IPCC--is harming the world's poorest nations as we speak.

So, my question is: Why has the U.N. just now done this after griping about climate change and global warming for years? Could this be more

Dear Simpletons at the U.N. (especially Ban Ki-moon), You cannot “mitigate climate change.” Even if the climate was changing in a truly measurable way (
and it is not), there would be nothing you could do to change it, because CO2 IS NOT CAUSING THE WORLD TO HEAT UP. Geez!

This little stunt is pure,
environmentally-tinged political grandstanding--nothing more or less.

U.N. thermostat to be set higher:

UNITED NATIONS | Everyone complains about climate change, and the United Nations is finally doing something about it - on Friday, the temperature inside U.N. headquarters in New York will rise by 5 degrees.

Ban Ki-moon, the United Nations' self-professed environmental secretary-general, ordered the "In-House Climate Change Initiative" to save energy, cut carbon emissions and try to mitigate climate change.

Officials said the month-long experiment - dubbed "Cool U.N." - also will allow engineers to test energy consumption and utility costs in the notoriously antiquated building.

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